Domain Assignments

Generate a Consensus Domain Assignment

This tool uses the domain assignments generated by each of the methods and attempts to find the most likely domain partitioning of the selected chain. This can be achieved by either a "Simple" approach grouping the methods by domain boundary, or through a Weighted approach which considers the strength of each method and the secondary structure. A consensus is found if a grouping of methods is found with a reliability score of 40% or more. Any generated consensus is also compared with the assignments made by the CATH and SCOP expert methods

Enter the protein PDB Id and the chain you wish to examine in the form below. Note the Chain Id is Case Sensitive:

Protein PDB Id: CATH SCOP pdp
Chain to Analyse: dp DHcL DDomain

This work is sponsored by the National Institutes of Heath (NIH) Grant Number GM63208 (NIH/NIGMS)