Method Performance

Domain Assignment by Methods

This tool compares the performance of each domain assignment algorithm for a chosen protein chain. A comparison is made between the assignment results, as well as the domain assignments made by CATH and SCOP

Using these results, the tool attempts to generate a consensus between the domain assignment predictions made by the automatic methods. Where a domain assignment cuts a secondary structure feature within the chain, this is noted and displayed for comparison of performance.

Should you only wish to see the consensus domain assignment, click on Consensus on the left hand menu

Enter the protein PDB Id and the chain you wish to examine in the form below. Note the Chain Id is Case Sensitive:

Protein PDB Id: CATH SCOP pdp
Chain to Analyse: dp DHcL DDomain

This work is sponsored by the National Institutes of Heath (NIH) Grant Number GM63208 (NIH/NIGMS)